Hi, I'm Coach Jane.

It's time to adjust your mindset, create good habits, move your body, and prioritize your health. I'm here to help you to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle that works for YOU. Once you find that momentum you won't want to stop!


Balance yourself out.  Are you spending 10-12 hours a day working and feeling completely exhausted? Sounds like you are struggling to find a work-life balance. Are you completely restricting your calories and cutting out sugar hoping to drop a 10 pounds in 60 days? Sadly, we've been taught time and time again that quick fixes are the way to go, but they never work long-term.


Instead of thinking this way, why not eat a healthy balance diet of fresh foods and reduce the processed stuff - so that those jeans always fit. Feel like pizza - eat the damn pizza! I don't recommend eating pizza everyday, but there's nothing wrong with eating the foods you love. Just keep that healthy balance! 

Consistency is key.  There are no quick fixes. Results take time and effort. I'm not going to sugar coat that! Remember, every little bit counts. Consistently walking 10 minutes everyday is better than consistently missing your planned 1 hour workout because you don't have enough time. Let me help you find your momentum by creating healthy habits that you'll consistently apply into your day-to-day life.



It's the journey not the destination that's important. Just because your life took a certain path doesn't mean that you can't change that! 

My mantra is to incorporate balance and consistency in my day-to-day life. I don't believe in quick-fix magic diets or exercise tricks. The secret is very simple: be accountable, be committed, and be consistent. 

Sound overwhelming? That's why I'm here to help guide you.




Empowering you to be the healthy and active woman you want to be. Right now.