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The Mindshift Coach

Jane Wareham

Empowering entrepreneurs to rediscover your true passions, regain motivation & confidence to create the happy & fulfilling life & biz you want and deserve.

Imagine what it would feel like to be living an organized, happy & confident life, without feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated.

If this sounds like something you've been dreaming about, then I'm so happy you are here.


Welcome to a journey of self-empowerment, happiness & fulfillment.


As a seasoned coach, I specialize in guiding clients to rediscover their self-confidence and self-worth, starting with what is happening within their minds. By reframing their understanding of "happiness", my clients unlock the gateway to a happier more fulfilling life by realizing that this lifestyle is not only attainable but possible for them.

Rest assured, with absolute certainty, that my coaching services will help you make mindset shifts that you may not even realize you need. Together, we will shift your mindset, refocusing your attention on the most important person in your life—yourself. The time has come to ignite a genuine excitement for your journey towards becoming your best, most authentic self and creating the happy life you want and deserve.


You are worthy of a happy life!

Discover your true potential and boost your confidence with personalized coaching sessions. Explore the way your mind works, change your negative thoughts, and build strong self-belief.

Recognize your value, embrace your inner strength, and see amazing changes in how you see yourself. Leave behind feeling average and unsure as we create a roadmap to an exciting life of growth.

Make yourself a priority, tap into your abilities, and start an exciting journey to learn more about yourself. Get in touch with me today to create a future where you feel confident, happy, and full of energy, all while following your true dreams.


Your transformation begins right now.

“As an overthinker & perfectionist, it was so easy for me to obsess over my own flaws—as if job hunting isn’t hard enough already. Talking to Jane really opened my eyes and mind to look inward and hone in on my strengths. We discussed imposter syndrome, focused on seeing how far I’ve come in my own journey, and tried shifting perspectives to believe in myself more. I’ve taken that with me since and through job interviews, where I’m proud to say that today I’ve landed a role I’m really excited about."

Nadya P.

Do you want the tools and guidance to start living a happy and fulfilling life? 

AND these tools can be used in all areas of your life!


Send me a message!

Thanks for reaching out!

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