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Wellness & Mindset Coach

Jane Wareham

Stop feeling like "being healthy" is hard, and start your easy and fun journey to consistent health, happiness and energy.

Imagine what it would feel like to be living an easy and fun healthy lifestyle without needing a diet or going to a gym.

If this sounds like something you've been dreaming about, then I'm so happy you are here.

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I empower my clients to make transformative mindset shifts around their health and wellness by starting with what's really going on in their head. Not by setting a goal to hit a number on the scale or go to the gym 4x a week. When they reframe what "being healthy" means to them, they truly unlock the key to their success and start to see that living a healthy and active lifestyle can be easy and fun!

There's no doubt in my mind that my coaching will help you transform your mindset around your health so that you finally feel excited about it.


Here's how I help you feel EMPOWERED...

When we work 1:1 together, you will quickly see that the reason you're not living a healthy lifestyle right now isn't due to lack of time or energy. It's deeper than this. 


You will see that first you must believe that you are worthy of all your wellness dreams, you deserve to have a happy and energized life, and that your journey can (and will) be easy and fun. This belief is the foundation to BECOMING who you want to be. From this place you will create the consistently healthy, happy and energized life that you want.

Stephanie C.

"I put in less effort than I thought it would take and I changed my life. After 12 weeks, I'm fundamentally a new woman now - I'm an active woman. That's pretty awesome!"

Niki A.

Jane helped me reach deep within to find out what my values are vs what my partner's values are to better be able to understand one another. She helped me uncover that I am responsible for my feelings and helped me find ways to "create my own calm". She was very encouraging and refreshing to talk to and would recommend her services to anyone needing personal help!

Alice W.

“All the mindset tools we did together really helped change my perspective on being healthy. The weekly calls kept me on track and moving forward.”

Do you want the tools and guidance to empower you to live an easy and fun healthy lifestyle?

AND these tools can be used in all areas of your life - not just your health and wellness!


Send me a message!

Thanks for reaching out!

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