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Wellness & Mindset Workshops

Let's be honest, the go-go-go hustle and grind are negatively impacting employee health. I spent 16 years of my career doing project management within organizations, and I know first hand how your employees may be feeling. 


So, how does this affect you, the business? Employees are working from home or in office, stressed out, and need a break!


Our workshops provide an avenue to help your employees breathe, feel gratitude, learn, move, and reconnect with their true potential through mindset activities.

How to Get Started

​This is the fun part. You can choose from a ready-made workshop or we can create a custom workshop for you based on your core values and employee needs. The workshops can be virtual or onsite (Toronto GTA), 1-hour, half a day, or a full day.


Popular workshops topics have been: Cultivating a Culture of Gratitude, Stress Management & Healthier Self-Talk, Setting Healthy Boundaries, and Win When Things Go Wrong (dealing with adversity). 

Your Employee Health is Worth It

Pricing for single, quarterly, monthly, virtual and on-site workshops and events available upon request. Send me a message to set up a call to learn more.

Leslie S.

I participated in Jane's Gratitude event and it was just the boost I needed! Her energy and passion for the material was uplifting and honestly contagious. She delivered the content in a digestible format and really brought it to life through engaging questions and thought-provoking examples. I left the event feeling awakened, and aware of the blessings around me. It's so easy to get caught up in the routine of life, and not take the opportunity to 'tune in/, appreciate the "now" and marvel at our own life. We are surrounded with so much to be grateful for, big and small, everyday. I is wonderful to take the time to marvel at it, and manifest more gratitude! Thank you, Jane!

Amanda C.

Wealthsimple Technologies Inc

Momentum By Jane is the real deal! We had the pleasure of having Jane Wareham, Wellness & Mindset Coach, lead an impactful and empowering gratitude workshop for our employees. She delivers the content in the most digestible format to understand the full context, provides real life examples, and even gives you the space to be as honest and authentic as possible. This time of the year is not easy for many people, so having this session just before the holidays was perfect timing. Many employees appreciated Jane's warmth, energy, refreshing outlook, and relatability. We look forward to planning more inspiring sessions with her in the future!

Helene L.

CHEO Hospital

Jane recently provided a workshop to CHEO staff sharing her knowledge and expertise on tips to stay ahead of Seasonal Affective Disorder. The group learned some great practical tips to add to our routine to maintain our wellness as the days get shorter! We all learned something new today! Thank you to Jane for giving of her time to bring more wellness to our amazing staff at CHEO.

Candice B.

I joined Jane's free Gratitude workshop and it was so great! I have been hearing a lot about gratitude lately and I loved how Jane explained it so simply and also took us through an activity to start practicing it right away. I am now able to use the tools that she taught me in my daily life to be more grateful and hopefully attract more good to me. I walked away from the workshop feeling much more positive about my day and I really look forward to joining more workshops. I am also hoping that my office will host a workshop with Jane for our team because I think they would really love it!
Thanks so much Jane for inviting me to this.

Check out a virtual workshop!

Jane hosted a free 30-min virtual workshop on The Power of Gratitude that you can watch below.


Interested in a wellness workshop for your team? Send me a message.

Thanks for reaching out!

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