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Why we offer Wellness Workshops:

Let's be honest, the go-go-go hustle and grind are negatively impacting employee health. I spent 16yrs of my career doing project management within organizations, and I know first hand how your employees may be feeling. 


So, how does this affect you, the business? Employees are working from home or in office, stressed out, and need a break!


Our workshops provide an avenue to help your employees breathe, feel gratitude, learn, move, and reconnect with their true potential through mindset activities.

Workshop benefits:

  • Boosts employee morale and productivity

  • Mindset shifts have a powerful effect on quality of life

  • Break from the workday stresses and a fun interactive activity

How to get started:

This is the fun part. We'll work collaboratively with you to build the best workshop for your employees. The workshops can be virtual or onsite (Toronto GTA), 1-hour or half a day. You then choose a theme such as Burnout: The Right to Unplug, Dealing with Adversity, Stress Management, Healthier Self-Talk, Getting Ahead of Seasonal Depression, and more.

The investment:

Pricing for single, quarterly, monthly, and on-site workshops and events available upon request. Please contact through the contact page or at

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