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Public Speaking

Unlock the power of your voice and captivate audiences with impactful public speaking. As an experienced and dynamic speaker, Jane has inspired countless individuals at panels, organizations, and female empowerment events. With a passion for connecting with people and a wealth of knowledge in mindset, wellness, and creating a happy and fulfilling life, Jane brings a unique blend of expertise, authenticity, and charisma to every stage.


Harnessing the art of public speaking, Jane delivers engaging presentations that resonate deeply with audiences. From thought-provoking discussions to insightful keynotes, Jane expertly crafts each talk to educate, inspire, and empower listeners. By sharing personal anecdotes, practical strategies, and cutting-edge insights, Jane equips individuals with the tools they need to unlock their full potential.

Invite Jane to be a part of your next event, summit, or organization, and witness the transformative power of captivating public speaking. Book Jane today to inspire, motivate, and leave a lasting impression on your audience, fostering personal and professional growth that extends far beyond the event itself.

Exciting News!

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I was featured on the cover of Women Thrive Magazine for their January 2024 edition! 

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It’s official! I’m a Women Thrive Summit speaker! 


I’ve been trying to keep this quiet for a few weeks now, and let me tell you it’s been hard not to shout it from the rooftops! 📣📣


But now that it’s been announced I can talk about this massive opportunity for me. I now have the chance to share my story alongside some amazing powerhouse women who are also on a mission to empower others to #riseandthrive! 


The Summit will be hosted virtually in March 2024 so you can watch my talk from the comfort of your home or office. More details to follow regarding my talk in the coming weeks, but I just wanted to share with you my exciting news. 


 I can’t wait to see you in the audience!

Guest Appearances

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Looking for a speaker or want to collaborate?
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